Family-Friendly Charcuterie Board

Posted: November 11

Time: 15 minutes

Yield: 8-12 servings

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Complete with a literal smorgasbord of flavors, this Family-Friendly Charcuterie Board is a fabulous balance of savory, cheesy, fruity, and meaty. Ideal for a couple’s wine night at home or a celebratory gathering with loved ones, this assortment of snacks is sure to please all palates. The array of cured meats accompanied by creamy cheeses, sweet fruit jams, and crunchy toasted bread elevates this appetizer to something straight out of a five-star restaurant. The Family-Friendly Charcuterie Board is so delicious, you might want to have some extra additions on hand in case it’s gone faster than you expect!


• 5-10 varieties of your favorite cheeses • 2 pounds grapes—green, red, or both • 2-3 varieties of your favorite crackers • 2 cups olives • 1 cup fig jam and/or your favorite additional jam • 1-2 varieties of toasted bread, cut into small pieces • cured meats, optional, to taste • 2 cups pecans or favorite nuts • For the kids, consider fun additions such as pretzels, chocolate chips, additional fruits, candies, or fresh veggies.


Step 1

Choose a spot to lay out your platter or serving board. You can move the charcuterie board later, but it will be extremely difficult, so it is recommended to build the board where it is going to be.

Step 2

Lay out the cheeses, grapes, crackers, olives, jam, bread, meats, and nuts on the platter or serving board. Be creative with where you place everything, focusing on color contrasts, texture contrasts, possible pairings, and more. There is no wrong answer.

Step 3

Slice the ends of each of the harder cheeses, so that those eating from the board know how to cut it and to give them some pieces to start.

Step 4

Leave a butter knife or smaller spreading knife by the softer cheeses.

Step 5


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